behind the brand

we’re so thrilled for you to be here and can’t wait for you to explore all the amazing content, apparel and more that we have dreamt up and designed with you in mind!


we are two east coast girlbosses proudly running a fully women-ran team and are consistently striving to expand our creativity to improve our brand that we’re so excited for you to be a part of. whether you own one, two, or ten of our pieces, or simply just love hanging out with us on social media or through our podcast “girls talk too much”, we can’t thank you enough for coming along this journey with us.


ali is new jersey born and raised with a degree in english literature with a focus in journalism. she enjoys spending way too much time in new york city and disney parks alike. she spends her free time watching “the office” and rewatching “the devil wears prada” more times than she’d like to admit. her interest in pop culture and passion for art and design has led her to partnering with fellow girlboss lindsey to culminate their passions into MOMSCo. and their eye-popping trendy designs.


lindsey is a new york girl through and through who graduated with a degree in studio art with a focus in photography and digital design. if you’re a massive fan of our instagram page, you can find lindsey behind the screen culminating the perfect instagram story or aesthetically pleasing content. in her free time, you can find lindsey listening to disney movie scores on repeat, or scouting the best instagram photo opp spots. lindsey’s artistic background and passion for social media shines through in countless MOMSCo. designs just waiting to be incorporated into your wardrobe. 


we hope you find something that makes you reminisce, smile, or start a conversation that can be worn virtually anywhere and on anyone! we are here to create the apparel you’ve envisioned with the quotes you have dropped more than you’d probably like to admit. (well we’re here to tell you, we get it. and we fully support your pop culture obsession.)